testimonial-pic1I would like to thank you and your staff for the incredible service I have received over the past nine months.

Having a chronically ill two year-old son, I had been having a great deal of difficulty getting him to take medication. I was also very frustrated in my search for a pharmacy that had the ability to customize medications to meet his very specific and restricted dietary requirements.  Getting my little guy to take his medication was a nightmare. Much of the time, I couldn’t get him to take it at all because it was made in chocolate syrup with a horrible after taste. The pharmacy told me that, unfortunately, it was the only way it could be made.

Imagine my delight and relief when I came upon Canadian Compounding Pharmacy! I asked if you had a better tasting chocolate flavour for the compounded medication, and whether you could sweeten it with something other than sugar and omit certain ingredients that were unhealthy for my little guy. You said, “Of course! And we offer you flavor choices!” Now when I give the medication to mu two year old, he takes the syringe from me and takes it himself!

I cannot thank you enough for your case and patience in taking the time to listen to my concerns and to make sure that everything was right with his medication. It is indeed very stressful to have an ill child, and it makes it a lot easier knowing that you will work with me. I have been very impressed with your “can do” attitude and willingness to find detailed information about anything I needed to know. Coming into Canadian Compounding Pharmacy is always pleasant and comfortable. I know I will leave with my questions answered thoroughly, or a promise of a phone call from you to provide further information.

Thank you for always being there when I need you.

Susan M.

Canadian Compounding Company came extremely highly recommended by my MD.  Because of the sensitive nature of what they make and the expertise required, it is critically important that they are highly recommended by doctors. But even with the high recommendation I couldn’t have anticipated their incredible abilities, their professionalism, their amazing patience, how they explained everything in great detail, how understanding they are and the exquisite expertise that they’ve built. They are the ultimate professionals and the ultimate pharmacy.

I would recommend them to absolutely everybody I love and care about, or strangers, anybody. They are very, very, best. Anybody who puts themselves or their medicine in their hands can have absolute confidence that they are in the best care and the best of hands. I hope that people, who are listening, consider my words very seriously because I don’t give them lightly, I don’t give complements easily – people really have to earn them to get. And these people have done so over and over and over again. They are incredible. Thank you!

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