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Adrenal Support – Supporting The Body’s Master Gland

The constant barrage of stress created by living in the modern world can exhaust our adrenals, a situation known as hypoadrenalism or more commonly referred to as “adrenal fatigue”. Studies indicate that 75-90 percent of patient visits to primary care physicians are due to the adverse effects of stress on our health.

How to Fix Your Back

I was involved in pretty serious car accident as a teenager. A tire blew out and our vehicle rolled into the ditch, throwing me out of the window and about 20 feet through the air! I ended up fracturing 3 lumbar vertebrae (spinal compression fractures) and was confined to several days of bed rest in the hospital. After that I was told to never lift heavy weights again, which didn’t make sense to me because it was strength training that had protected me from a more serious injury!

How to Fix Your Knees

Back in 2004 I was taking Judo lessons (along with Kick-boxing and Wrestling). During one lesson I was grappling with another big yellow belt and both of us were being a bit bull-headed, so when I tried to throw him (with sloppy technique) and he fought it, I ended up awkwardly twisting him across my leg and suddenly “POP”, there goes my ACL.

Skin Products – Creams and Ointments and Gels…OH MY!

Sometimes approaching the skin care section in your local pharmacy can be confusing. Most treatment options leave the buyer with the decision of cream or ointment, with not much information to make an informed decision. The issue is that topical products come in many forms, from creams, ointments and lotions, to gels, oils and sprays. How do we choose which is best? Is it all about convenience or is there a science to the madness?

Differentiating Eczema and Allergic Skin Reactions

The driest season of the year is here, winter! Along with winter comes the cold, snow, stress, and of course: colds, flus and other ailments. Among these are eczema flare-ups. How can we differentiate between eczema and an allergic skin reaction? What is the difference between them and why is it important to know this difference? What are some things that can be done to help? This article will answer all of these questions and guide you in how to appropriately manage eczema.

Vaccine Myth Busters – Part 1

Flu season is upon us! You can bet that vaccine topics will keep popping up more and more in the newspaper, television and the internet. Unfortunately, many of these resources provide information that is not supported by scientific evidence.

Antibiotics – More Harm Than Good?

When your child is sick, you want to help them feel better, and fast. Antibiotics are powerful medicines that can be very effective in treating your child’s illness, but taking antibiotics for the wrong reasons can cause more harm than good.

Sore Throat – Symptoms, Causes and Treatments

With winter just around the corner, this is often the time of year people experience a sore throat due to colds and other conditions. Keep reading to learn more about what causes a sore throat and how best to treat it so you can enjoy the holiday season to the fullest.

Drug-Induced Sun Sensitivity

Wrapping up our sun safety series, I hope people feel more comfortable with the topics of sun protection and how to choose an appropriate sunscreen. However, there is one other sun-related topic that needs to be discussed. Many people are unaware that some of the medications they are taking on a regular basis may increase their risk for getting a sunburn.

Tips for Staying Hydrated

When you are out in the sun this month having fun with friends and family, it can be easy to get caught up with whose winning your big sports match, and forget about the importance of staying well hydrated. Thankfully, remembering the following facts and tips will help you understand how much fluid you need to stay healthy and which fluids you should choose most often.