As well as custom-made medications, we also custom-fit supports and braces under our KINGSWAY MEDICAL FITTINGS banner.

If you are in need of:

  • surgical support stockings
  • braces for support of a specific joint or area
  • cervical pillows and back rests
  • blood pressure and blood glucose monitors
  • TENS units

…as well as other home healthcare items, please consider our services.

We deal with major manufacturers and distributors: Airway, AMG, C.O.S., Dunbar, Donjoy, Formedica, Jobst, Landmark, Medella, Mediven, Ortho Active, Remington, Sigvaris, and Trulife among others.We are an ADP REGISTERED VENDOR for surgical stockings, the ReidSleeve and Sequential Pneumatic pumps for Lymphedema.

We also submit third party billing to WSIB for fitted garments, as well as DVA, NIHB and Social Services.